• C.E. Medford

The No-spend Hour

I'm celebrating having made it out of Waitrose with a receipt for £12.57. Usually I go in to Waitrose for bananas, and come out with £30 worth of stuff that was suddenly irresistible . Inevitably this included a high-end cleaning product that convinced me my house would smell of organic bergamot forever. But no more. I spent February-April of this year doing a full Marie Kondo on my flat and am currently working my way through 'Money, A Love Story' by Kate Northrup. In short, when I walked in to Waitrose today, I was armed. I've thrown away, sold and recycled 30% of our possessions. I found a place for everything we own. Any new thing that is about to come into the house is fully vetted. No place to put it? Reject. Don't really need it? Bye. And thanks to Ms. Northrup, I am checking my bank balances every day. Like Every Single Day. And that means £5 pomegranates are as likely to seduce me as the crowd coming out of the Worlds' End at 5 am. Creative freedom is fuelled by financial freedom.

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