• C.E. Medford

Grandma Dorothy and the Electric Chair

My maternal grandmother once (rather famously in my family) said to her children "If you ever murdered someone, I would hold your hand all the way to the electric chair." Sounds harsh, but the reason that statement has never been forgotten is that with it, she was underlining two crucial aspects of her stance on motherhood. The first was that she would always love them, and never turn her back on them. Even in their darkest moments, she would not abandon them, and would even go so far as to bear their shame with them. The second, equally important, was that no matter how much she loved them, she would not intervene to protect them from the just consequences of their bad behaviour.

Her words have lasted because she did exactly the opposite of what Brock Turner's father did. She made sure her family thought about the impact of their actions on others before acting. She taught us that loving our children does not make anyone else's children less important.

Thank you Grandma, for teaching me something about backbone.

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