• C.E. Medford

General Chicken

Just typed 'female general' into Pinterest. Got greeting cards, fantasy photos, "10 ways to travel safely as a woman", Kate Bush (?), and a woman described as an "uncompromising advocate of the textile arts". To note, there are about a hundred female generals and admirals in the US military forces, but it seems they don't get pinned a lot. So, on balance, just before firing off this post in umbrage, I tried 'male general' and got just as much random crap (and just as many greeting cards). Which means, I guess, that 'general' is more likely to mean 'usual' than a denotation of rank. The test - 'general' alone yields dozens of chicken recipes. I can only say I think I have learned more about Pinners than society on this venture.

#femalegeneral #pinerestfemale #pinnersfeminism

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