• C.E. Medford



I didn't intend Magic America to be liked by everyone. It's a wonderful thing when someone loves your book. A wonderful thing because of the hope it gives that a like mind has found a like-minded thing, or because a hungry mind has found a sustaining thing, or a bored mind, an intriguing thing. But a person who doesn't like your book is also a wonderful thing. America, New Jersey, bikers, the working class, pollution, single mothers: no one who lives within any of these places or categories is alien to the concept of being disliked, or misunderstood, or feared or rejected. It would not be possible to invoke their world without inciting in certain readers exactly the reaction its inhabitants face. I am grateful to all those who have read Magic America, and for their honest emotional reactions to it. I've discovered that while feedback can be helpful to me as a writer, my love for the book isn't affected by anyone else's experience of it.

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