• C.E. Medford

Bazooka Joe


I just opened a pack of Wrigley's Extra white to discover it tastes exactly like the Bazooka Joe bubble gum with a comic inside that we used to get for 5 cents from the candy store on 149th street. So much so that for a moment I felt like I was climbing up into The Whip - a 'ride' made of spinning cars inside the back of a truck. The operator used to drive around the neighborhood ringing a bell that sounded like something from a factory floor. The leather seats were split and pinched your legs when you sat on them and it smelled of motor oil, but we'd all come running. For 50 cents you got spun dizzy, then handed a piece of Bazooka Joe as you tumbled back down the steps. So, thanks Wrigleys. A little piece of childhood that I'd nearly forgotten.

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