• C.E. Medford

Publication of Magic America - Coming of Age in an Altered State

Magic America started as a series of stories based on my experience of living in New Jersey as a teenager. Magic realism began to creep in when I found I could not do the recollections justice without the use of poetic and figurative language. Encouraged by my writing group in our unified endeavour to write that which we were afraid to, I suddenly found myself asking what if? What if it all occurred the way I feel I need to describe it? What if the monsters weren't psychological manifestations, but real? In the end, whether the reader chooses to consider the occurances real or imagined on the part of the protagonist, for the author they became the only way I felt I could express the appropriate depth of feeling for the real situations at the core of the fiction. Writing, when it is true, is an act of love. I love these stories and I hope you do too.


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