On the subject of fans, Keira has a gun and has found an unusual number of things to read that feature mutant cats, but seems to be one of us.





40% of the people who've left me 5* reviews on Goodreads are wearing headbands, so if you have a headband, you're probably in the right place - though you're more than welcome here no matter what's on your head or mind.


As for me, I've lived in a lot of places, and I've lived a lot (mostly in New York, New Jersey and London, in case you're wondering what happened to my accent). But why read me? you ask. Well, I was blessed with an eye for the odd and a love of the weird. I want to break boundaries. I know the value of a perception shift. And I believe nothing is worth more than imagination. I use mine to help spark yours. If you're interested in the nuts and bolts, during my travels, I did an M.A. in Creative Writing at Birkbeck, met my writing group, the Unwriteables, and spent lots of summer breaks writing in Paris. London is now home. There's a fox den in our garden and mad neighbours (necessity for city living). London lets you be. I've never had to justify myself less and I pour that freedom into everything I write. xx