'C.E. Medford is a true original. As a writer, she's both gentle and tough. Each of her sentences is both a delight and a challenge. As a storyteller, she draws you in and draws you on until you realise you're somewhere you never could have imagined existed. Read her.' - Toby Litt, Author of King Death



'Oh I loved this book! Cyndi Lauper meets Gabriel Garcia Marquez in a fluoro 80s mash-up somewhere in New Jersey. Unmissable.' - Anna Hope, Author of Wake



'Just finished this author's fantastic debut novel - 'Magic America'. Couldn't put it down - the style sparkles, the characters draw you right in - spooky, enthralling, delicious. CE Medford - a unique voice - one to watch!' - Thea Bennett, author of London Gin : The Gin Craze


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