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Magic America



Hope lives in an alternative New Jersey, where radioactive cats, congenital tattoos, biker angels, a cocky fairy godmother and the will to survive are all that stand between her and the creeping forces of the LoboChem factory.


Magic America is a heartwarming, hair-raising, coming-of-age story set in the eighties. Dust off your high-tops and Aquanet for a trip through the streets and skies of a Garden State where courage is currency, love triumphs over greed, and family is who you ride with.

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Congenital tattoos were just the sort of wonder you could expect in Trenton. We were covered in little miracles to carry us through the tragedies, like each of us had a bejewelled flak jacket tailored right to us. Toffee and I had walked with the boys over to Noelle’s for a cookout and I imagined we were like knights, called to prove ourselves time and again in order to strengthen our armour made of marvel.




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